Sunday, February 27, 2011

Aye aye aye! Can you say SLACKER!

I have so slacked off in the blog department, I need to get cranking! It's been soooo long since I last blogged on here, I feel horrible about it! So much has happened in oh what, almost a year!? How embarrassing!

We had a fun summer! We played at the pool almost every day, my mom and brother came to visit and we drove all over Colorado to show them all the fun and beautiful things to see here. We took a last minute trip to Utah for the 24th of July for one last little vacation before the kids started school the first week of August. Paul also rode in the Tour de Cure, and loved it! We were all there to cheer him on!

The kids are having a great year so far! Julia started kindergarten, my baby has left the nest (well, for 2 days a week, 3 days every other week). She is on a new schedule the school is trying out with every Monday & Wednesday all day long, and every other week includes a Friday, all day long. She struggled being away from Mommy all day for the first couple of months, but she is doing great now! Dawson is doing fantastic his last year of elementary school as a 6th grader. Adelyne is in an advanced 4th grade class, and is also doing awesome. Cole is in 2nd grade and is loving it, and doing really well in all subjects.

Paul and I took a much needed vacation to Cancun, Mexico in September. WOW! What a blast we had! It was so fun and relaxing at the same time. Cancun is so beautiful! We want to go back so badly, and take the kids with us. We saw so many lizards, turtles, fish and everything else our kids love, we know they will be in heaven there. We are only afraid Cole will want to live there once he visits!

Julia played soccer again this year, and Paul was her coach. She wasn't too into it this year, and mostly wandered around the field, and sat down on the field, picking at her nails, but it was still fun to watch (the few times she actually got up and ran for the ball!).

Cole played flag football again, and he LOVED it! He had so much fun and is ready for tackle next year. We love watching him play football and I think Paul and I look forward to it as much as Cole does!

Adelyne started gymnastics, and is also loving it. We put her in it when she was 5 and she got sick of it really fast, and we are hoping she stays with it this time because she is doing really well. So far she has stuck with it for 4 months now, and is loving it more every day.

And....the night we got back from Cancun we found out we are having baby #5! We are all really excited, feeling a little bit crazy, but still excited! I am due on June 1st (I actually say May 30th, we all know one day to a woman who is 9 months pregnant is like 10 years!), but the doctor says June 1st. So I might as well stick to that date! We found out on January 5th that it's a BOY! We are really excited, and he even has a name already, a record for us! He is going to be Cooper Grant Cederholm (middle name after my father). We all love the name, and I am really excited to honor my father. Paul bought me a really special necklace for my birthday that has a charm on it with an initial for each kids name, and he even put one on for Cooper.

Cole just turned 8 on February 24, and is getting baptized on March 5th. I will post photos of that as soon as it happens, I promise I won't wait a year!

Life is good! We are all healthy and happy and very grateful for how blessed we are.

Here are a bunch of photos from the last 10-12 months...

Our family Christmas card photo for Christmas 2010

Grandma made pillows with the kids, they were in HEAVEN!

A beautiful photo of Colorado, while taking my Mom & Brother all over the state

The girls on the steps of the Denver Temple, I took my mom there to get some photos for her Temple watercolors.

Grant at Garden of the Gods

Beautiful Garden of the Gods

Family shot at the top of The Shrine of the Sun at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Breckenridge at Bubba Gump's

Walking up to Dinosaur Ridge

Golden Colorado

Alpine slide in Golden

The kids had a "Marketplace" that they set up all by themselves. They each had their own station of products Mom & Dad could buy.

Dawson's was all protected under his table

They got the idea from Adelyne, she had a Mann Marketplace at school, she and her friend made bracelets and jewelry to sell at their store.

Adelyne finally conquered her fear and went down the slide at our neighborhood pool!

Dawson played the trumpet in the school band in 5th grade. He has decided to move on to the guitar. He got an electric guitar for his 11th birthday.

Castle Rock's annual Duck Derby! They float down thousands of little rubber duckies, that the people in the town have purchased for charity. They all have their own number, and whichever ones are drawn, win!

Waiting for the ducks!

Julia getting her first haircut!


Okay, I will pause there! It's late now, and I still have so many photos to post, I will finish tomorrow!

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