Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sweet Cole


First off, Happy Mother's Day to all!

I need to talk about Cole for a minute. He is probably the most tender child I have ever met in my life.

He came home from school on Thursday this last week, with a tulip for me. I asked him where he got it, he said "In the office at school." I asked him if he just took it, or if they said he could have it, and he said "No, I gave them 70 cents so I could buy one for you." I almost cried right then and there. He took some of his own money to school, ran into the office after school, almost missed the bus, just to go and buy his mom a flower. It was teacher appreciation day the day before, and as a fundraiser and a way to appreciate the teachers, they were selling flowers for the kids to buy, to give to their teachers. He decided to take his money and buy one for his mom instead of his teacher.

Here is Cole's flower from me, as well as Julia's Mother's Day gift for me that she made in preschool. It has her thumbs on it, made into lady bugs.


Kelly said...

Oh that has GOT to be the cutest, sweetest thing ever! If I ever have a girl, will Cole wait for her so they can get married? I love the ladybugs too! SO cute!

Keith said...

Hello from Texas! We were talking about you guys the other day and Ann found your websight. So, Hello from Griffin Park. It's not the same without you! The kids are so big!!! Merry Christmas from Keith, Ann, and Quinlin.